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A life insurance settlement can be an important option for you or your clients.

Contact Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements today to learn how it can work for you. 

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Please feel free to review the articles relating to life insurance settlements below.

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How Selling Your Life Insurance Policy Can Bring You Cash

Certified Senior Advisor Journal:  How Selling a Life Insurance Policy Is Like Selling a House

Why You Want to Speak With a Client About Life Insurance Settlements, and How to Do It

5 Things to Know About Life Settlements

Why Should Your Client Consider a Life Settlement?

When Is a Good Time to Talk With Clients About Life Settlements?

I Can Sell My Life Insurance Policy for Cash?  Why?

How Life Insurance Settlements Help Your Clients....and You Too!  (Real Life Examples)

Your Life Insurance Policy:  Your "Hidden Asset"

Life Insurance Settlements and Real Estate - More Similar Than You Think

Seniors:  Your Life Insurance Could Be a Source of Income

Young, Healthy Insureds In Life Settlements

Can Life Insurance Settlements Be Creativ​e to Take​ Care of A Client?  Yes!

Financially Helping Clients Fund Their Care Needs:  Real Life Examples

Life Settlements for Non-Convertible Term Policies.  Wait....What?

The Pros and Cons of a Life Settlement

Assisted Living Locators Partners With Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements

IRS Shows How the TCJA Life Policy Sale Tax Rules Might Actually Work

3 Ways to Cut the Value of a Life Insurance Settlement

Do Life Settlements Work in ILITs?

Examples of 4 Clients Who Sold Their Life Insurance Policies

Why On Earth Would Anyone Want to Sell Their Life Insurance Policy?

What Happens If You Outlive Your Financial Plan?

Some Types of Life Policies Are Harder to Sell Than You Think

8 Myths of Life Insurance Settlements - Debunked!

Real Life Insurance Settlement Examples:  5 Life Settlements That Didn't Get Away

Life Insurance Innovations Include a Valuable 'Out Clause'

Stunning Statistics About How Many Seniors Lapse Their Policies Each Year

Interesting Study Shows How Seniors Plan to Fund Long Term Care

New Tax Law Positively Impacts Life Insurance Settlements

Getting Past The "Ick" Factor - How To Talk With Clients About the Idea of Selling Their Life Insurance Policy

With the Estate Tax Exemption Doubling, Some Families Find They Have Unwanted Life Insurance Policies...Now What?

The Three Rights of Life Insurance Settlement Prospecting

Life Insurance Settlements Can Add Living Benefits to a Life Insurance Policy

What Should You Do About the Life Insurance You No Longer Need?

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